How to Access the content of Android phones from browser

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Browsix is an Android app that lets users access the contents of Android phones directly from the browser of your computer. The computer must be in the same network of your phone. All you need to do is open in your browser and you can access your phone and it’s contents. You do need to configure any USB, Bluetooth etc. The app is developed by Spolfliet from XDA Forums.

Features of Browsix
• Download, upload, delete, rename all your files using the file manager (PC <=> Phone)
• You can view your photos.
• Listen to your music.
• Watch your videos.
• You can receive and send SMS.

How to access Android device from browser
1. Search Browsix from the Android Market and install it.
2. Connect your phone to the internet using Wi-Fi (3G won’t work).
3. Enable Browsix service.
4. Open on the browser of your computer. The computer must be in your local WiFi network.

For more info –> XDA Forum.



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