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Google has updated its Google Reader App for Android to version 0.9.2. It has added some of the most-requested features in its app. 2 major features that are added in this app include Unread Count Widget and News Ticker Widget.

Features added in update of Google Reader App for Android

  • Unread Count Widget : This widget displays the count of any or all unread items. You can choose any label, feed, person or ‘all items‘ and can get the unread count on your home screen. When you click on the widget, it will take you to that stream.
  • News Ticker Widget : You can add a larger size widget. This widget will cycle through items on any stream that you want in your Reader. When you click on any headline, it will take you to the article and when you click on the folder, it will take you to that stream.
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  • Mark previous as read : Scroll down your reading list and hit ‘Mark previous as read’. This will mark things above the screen as read.
  • Mark-Previous-Read

The app requires Android 1.6 or above, and the widget functionality is available for devices on Android 2.2+. You can download the app from Android Market.

Download Google Reader App for Android.

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