Top 5 Blogging Apps for Android

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Blogging is something that more and more people are beginning to do every day. As cellular devices become more technologically advanced, more people are finding the need to blog straight from their phone. This allows you to submit blog posts wherever you are rather than only being able to do so at home. With the growing market of the iPhone application market, Android has also developed an increasingly popular app world. Here are the top 5 blogging apps for Android.

WordPress Blogging Application

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging websites and many people even use it as a platform for their entire site. As a blogging app, it is even easier for people to update their websites. Along with this app, you can view and delete comments and see how much traffic your site is getting. The best part is that this app is completely free.

Androblogger Application
This blogger application is a pretty simple one, and it is easy to use. You can’t delete comments or view your traffic statistics, but you can post new blog posts whenever you want, view your blog, and adjust your settings. Although you can’t delete comments, you can view them. This app is mostly for people who like to blog for fun and entertainment. Your blog posts are posted on

Official Blogger Application
This app is by Google and it is a little more advanced than Androblogger. With this app, you can post pictures along with your blog posts, manage multiple blogs you have with Blogger, and save drafts if you don’t finish your blog on your phone. It also finds your location and posts it with your blog post.

Photo Blogger Application
Not all people like to blog with words – some like to blog with photos. This app lets you do just that with ease. You can share photos on sites like Twitter and Tumblr as well as many other popular sites. You can even create and edit photos to enhance them and make them your own. All photos are cartoon-like photos that you would find in a comic book. This app is free from the Android Market.

Blogger-Droid Application
This app was the most popular app for before the official blogger application came out. It is extremely simple to use and you can do things like share YouTube clips, log in to your YouTube account, post a blog entry, and manage more than one Blogger account. If you are a video blogger on YouTube, then this is a great app to use for that.

If you love blogging, it is right at your fingertips with these apps. Anywhere you go, you can manage and update your blogs straight from your Android-powered phone!

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