[Video] How To Turn Android Device into FTP Server

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Say you forget your USB drive at your home and now you need to transfer a large file on your phone and it’s so large that you cannot send it as an attachment on email. You need it at any cost but Now what to do? Don’t worry, we are for you 🙂

Here’s a relatively easy solution for you. You can turn your Android smartphone into a FTP server and then can upload/download files from it on your computer.

This process requires FTP Client App on your computer and FTP Server on your device. Below video explains this process very well.
Transfer Files on Android Phone by FTP Server

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NOTE: The phone used in the below video is Motorola Xoom. But you can use the same process on any Android-enabled device.

Video showing turning Android Smartphone into FTP Server



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  1. webenthu says:

    This hack looks preety cool. Never knew my android was so capable. 🙂

    Running off to test it now !

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