Heineken celebrating Serenade Valentine Day with Live Event

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The partner day or Valentine Day is approaching day by day and all have been waiting for this day from last one year. All try to make the Valentine day special for themselves. People sing the best songs of their lives and dance with their partners on this day in order to attract them. I am going to ease this process by sharing a video of Heineken with you all. The video from Heineken is in the ongoing campaign ‘Open Your World’ of Serenade.

The video is one of the Facebook applications. The app is of Valentine-day and it became live on February 1.

To go to the app, the easiest way is by clicking on the video. You can click anywhere on the video and then you will be taken straight to the app’s homepage. After that, you can see four fields there for which you need to provide data.

• Who – This is your beloved person with whom you wish to go on the date.

• Why – The reason that why the date is so much essential and why you want to go on the date with the person that you mentioned in the above field.

• What – This is the actual process that you are going to follow with your partner on the day.

• Why Me – You should tell your partner that why he/she should be with you on Valentine day and be your valentine.

Heineken Serenade Valentine

When you are done with completing and entering the required data, just wait for the confirmation. This is mandatory for both the partners. They have to send and open their own Serenades.

The Heineken live will take place in London, United Kingdom at the local timings of 6 pm to 3am. This is a global event and will run for continuous 8-9 hours. If you are unable to attend the show, you can watch it live on the official youtube channel of Heineken.

So, #Serenade Your Date with Heineken.

Serenade Valentine Video





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