Best Android Applications for Pregnant Women

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Pregnancy is a very important and careful step in the life of women. In the days of pregnancy women needs to be careful and they need a good health tips regarding diet, medicines and exercise effective for both mother and the baby. They need extra care as now they are having the responsibility of a new generation throughout their life. Developers always develop applications which are helpful for the daily tasks of the users. So by keeping in mind the care of pregnant women, they have developed applications which are totally helpful for the pregnant women so that they may not find any kind of difficulty in any health tip. They can take benefits from different health tips available in the applications any time from their smart phones.

Android Pregnant Women Apps

Android Pregnant Women Apps

Woman Log Calendar

This application is developed for the women who want to get pregnant. With the help of this application they can judge that when they will be fertile, when their period will end and when next will start. By using this application they can keep records of the timing of the pills they have to take during their period of pregnancy. They can also keep record of their intercourse and about all the relevant information and if they are afraid to share their private information than they can use a password to protect their information.

Pregnancy Contraction Timer

This application is used to judge the timing of delivery of the baby that when their baby is going to be born. This application contains a large number of buttons which serves as a starting and ending of contraction timer. With this application women can also keep record of when water breaks. The application then calculates the average duration of the contraction to give you a good idea of when your delivery is going to be.

Pregnancy Calendar

This application facilitates the women to judge their baby’s week by week development. This application also gives the timely information that what your baby look like at this time and it also gives the feelings of mothers at that particular time.

Pregnancy Ticker

This is a beautiful pregnancy application for the women who are expecting pregnancy. This application helps to keep track of the pregnancy timings. It displays timings in beautiful drawings that how their baby will look like at its different stages. This application also gives the pregnancy tips and facts during the tracking of number of days and weeks in the delivery.

Mom 2 Be Free

This application resembles to the above mentioned pregnancy ticker application but it allows mothers, fathers and family members to keep track the progress of pregnancy by giving useful information, health tips, weekly useful tips and many useful information regarding pregnancy.


This article is all about the android applications for pregnant women. These applications were developed by keeping in mind the care of pregnant women and  helped a lot for pregnant women regarding health tips, pregnancy details etc.


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