Don’t root Motorola Xoom until 4G upgrade

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Have you purchased Motorola Xoom and want to root it?

If you answer yes, then you need to think once again on this because as per Motorola Forums, if you hack/root your Motorola Xoom, then you will not be able to upgrade your device to 4G LTE.
Motorola Xoom Rooted

As of now, it’s not clear about the steps that Motorola is going to take to determine whether or not your new device is rooted or not. I am not sure how this rooting will affect any of the device’s hardware components.

Those being said, if you already rooted your Xoom, just flash back to the stock ROM and relock the bootloader. This should ensure that you receive any OTA updates. And once you get the device back, it’s on.

Lets us know what you think on this?



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