Rooting Samsung Galaxy Gio GT-S5660 – Installing Custom Boot Animation

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waqasshahzad1986 from xda has collected and compiled all the steps required to root Samsung’s Galaxy Gio GT-S5660 mobile phone. He is not the original author and creator of these steps and instructions but has collected from other threads and has made a common thread, so that they can prove useful for somebody. And here we are sharing those for you so that you can benefit from them.

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Rooting Samsung Galaxy Gio

1. Download root gb updated file

2. Copy the file to the SD card and not in any folder.

3. Switch off your handset.

4. Press Home, On and Volume buttons at same time so that you can place your device in the recovery mode.

5. While the device is in Recovery-Mode, Add update from SD card.

6. Search 1-root zip file on the SD card.

7. Run update.

8. Reboot your mobile.

9. You will see that Superuser app is added on your device. This shows that the device is been rooted now.

Rooting Samsung Galaxy Gio

Custom Boot Animation for Samsung Galaxy Gio

1. Download Custom Boot-Animation Patch

2. Make a new folder ‘patchfiles’ on the SD card.

3. Unzip the patch so that all files appear beneath the folder ‘patchfiles’.

4. Open ‘Root Explorer’.

5. Head over to /sd-card/patchfiles

6. Press the Menu key.

7. Choose Multi-select.

8. Without, select all the files.

9. Press on the bottom, Copy.

10. Press back key 2 times.

11. Head over to /system/bin/

12. Press Paste. If it asks for replacement, confirm to replace all the files.

13. Go to the ‘patchfiles’ folder that you made in Step2 above.

14. Copy the boot-animation zip file and put it in the /system/media/

15. Reboot phone.

16. You now need to enjoy the news boot-animation :).



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  1. Max says:

    doesn’t work to me. the SU app is there but it’s still not rooted

  2. chan says:

    Does your root gb work for GIO with froyo 2.2.1?

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