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If you have got Samsung Galaxy S 4G, you might have fallen in love with 4G speeds. But what if you want to try the phone on another networks. By default, the phone doesn’t allow you to get your hands on another network but here’s a hack by which you can access any other network on your Samsung Galaxy S 4G. XDA Member sanfranx415 has found the unlock code of this device.
Unlock Samsung Galaxy S 4G

What you need to unlock Samsung Galaxy S 4G
1. Root Access
2. Hex Editor

The file to retrieve from SGS 4G is the bml3.bak, which you’ll need to do a hex search for an 8 digit code. The number of results that will return may range from just 2 to 10 and you’ll need to go through each result to find the 8 digit unlock code. This 8-digit code is called Network Unlock Control Key.

For complete instructions on this hack, please refer the thread http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=980157



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