Author: Atul

How To Increase Google Page Rank

One of the easiest and simplest ways to increase Google Page Rank is to have linked your blog with other websites. The higher the number of reputed websites linking to your blog, higher is the chances of getting higher page rank. So, the bottom line is you should submit your […]

How to make urls Search Engine Friendly

Common Words like a, an, the, and, to etc. should be removed from the urls in order to make them friendly for search engines. These words weaken your SEO.  Many bloggers ignore this fact but it is something that should be taken care of. You can do this manually. When […]

Post automatically to Facebook : Wordbooker

Facebook plays a great role in increasing the traffic of a blog. Some bloggers manually post their each article on Facebook. But, if this may be automatic process then it can save our time and overhead a lot. For this automatic submission of articles on Facebook, Wordbooker plugin comes into […]

How to Search Stolen Mobile

Mobile Phone is a common necessity and a basic need of human being now-a-days. In today’s era, one can’t survive just by chapatti, cloth and shelter. These 3 were called the basic needs of ancient times. Now man needs computer, electricity, fan and of course mobile. I would rather say […]