Author: Atul

How to Search Stolen Mobile

Mobile Phone is a common necessity and a basic need of human being now-a-days. In today’s era, one can’t survive just by chapatti, cloth and shelter. These 3 were called the basic needs of ancient times. Now man needs computer, electricity, fan and of course mobile. I would rather say […]

How to redirect Addon Domain -htaccess changes

I recently added as an Add-on Domain to mine primary domain Addon Domains can be accessed in following 3 different ways: * * * You can have the same thing in following ways too: *Without www *With prefixing http:// *With prefixing http:// and removing www So, it counts […]

Complete List of Pinging Services

I recently posted on Do we have to ping on all Ping Services. I very well stated that pinging all services and that too repeatedly can be dangerous for your blog. As I promised there to provide you the accurate list of pinging services that you should use in order […]

Do we have to ping all Ping Services

If you have started a new blog then every time you publish a new post on your blog, you must ping different services. I was also searching the list of pinging services. While Google surfing, the list grew rapidly and around 90 links were in the queue. But the question […]