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SEO     21 March 2010     1 Comment

Usually many bloggers pay a lot of attention towards the tags and categories while writing on their blog. They do believe that they can get a good a good traffic by doing so. They do spend hours in fixing and putting tags in their posts.

But as per the head of Search Team of Google, Matt Cutts, this tag-building strategy isn’t really needed. Matt says that even on his personal blog, he doesn’t pay any attention towards tags and even categories. Rather than making a separate category for each separate post, one category is enough and even one will server better than making multiple ones. Just you can mention where that post will fall.

The main SEO technique that should be followed on articles is that the title tag. The title of the post keeps an important value in the search engine optimization and it should be written very keenly. Rest, the keywords are just a wastage of time.

Matt says that the biggest search engine Google doesn’t look keywords at all. The main is content and the title helps in optimization. The description should also be written as a summary of the article. But again, the title dominates.

He advices the Webmaster guys and SEO’s to not waste any of the second on the keywords and instead should focus on the content to make a website content-rich so that it can get good love from Big G and its web-search.

Have a look at the video by Matt Cutts and let me know what you guys think about it.





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  1. Well, I too don’t care about Tags and categories. But I think it is must for easy navigation for the readers 🙂

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