Hi, it’s good news for all. TechofWeb opens the doors for Guest-Posting.
Anybody can register here and submit his/her articles.

Why to write for us?
You will not only get recognition here in blogosphere, but also backlinks and traffic.
You can also make money by writing posts. We will integrate your Adsense code in your posts.
On your article, the 336×280 google ad beneath the title of the post will be your ad.
And, we give 95% revenue share to you.
95%, yes it’s true, 95%. We will just keep 5%.

What type of articles can be submitted?
As techofweb is a blog that writes on technology, freebies, blogging, WordPress, mobiles, SEO etc., so similar posts are allowed to submit.

How to Register
*Join TechOfWeb at techofweb.com/wp-login.php?action=register
You need to enter Username and your email Address as shown in image below.
Join Techofweb
*Password would be emailed to you

How to integrate your AdsenseCode
Now, login with your username and password at https://www.techofweb.com/wp-admin/index.php

On left-hand-side, you will see ‘My Advertising‘.
Click on that.
You need to enter the following 2 fields
Google Adsense Integration

Get a 336×280 ad code from Google Adsense and insert the ad slot and pubId as shown in the above picture

How to submit posts
Click on Add New Post and submit your article for our team to review.

Guest-Posting Guidelines
1. It’s mandatory for guest-authors to submit 100% self-written articles.
2. Articles / Images or anything used within article should not be copied from anywhere.
3. If required, give proper credits to someone work if you are taking any help from him with the knowledge of his permission.
4. Articles should not contain your any affiliate links. Nor the article should be written with the sole of self-promotion of anything.
5. In case, we found that you are violating any of our terms or not, we reserve the full rights to remove your all posts/comments and can also ban you from techofweb. Our decision would be final in all respects.

Help required / Questions
If you have any questions or need any help regarding guest-posting, feel free to contactus