Droid Razor Smartphones

Droid Razor Smartphones in town

Technology is advancing day by day and in fact every day we are having a new happening. Newer devices are coming to the market every day , which are taking the customers by storm. The strangest part is whenever a new device hits the market, it creates a hype and […]

Android Malware Threat

Android faces a malware threat

Malware threats have taken the world by storm. Newer mobile threats are being discovered every day, so it is definitely an alarming situation. 1.5 million malware  has been detected. That is a pretty huge number. ‘Drive by downloads’ is a mobile threat, that is targeted towards Android. This requires Android […]

Does Twitter mobile revenue doing better than Facebook ads?

Last year, Facebook generated over $3 billion from display advertising. That’s impressive, but what’s unfortunate about this is that all of it came from te site’s desktop platform, while mobile contributed nothing. As Facebook continues to struggle in its efforts to monetize its mobile presence, one of its biggest social […]

Latest Android News about Android Tablet Apps

Amazing Android news has come to users that Android has released infinite applications which help users a lot to make proper choices. One of major confusions which may occur in this regard is that Android developers are developing applications so frequently that it becomes almost impossible to distinguish between them. […]

Samsung Galaxy Nexus is in Now with Latest Apps

There is a rumor being spread in the market all over about Android Apps of Galaxy Nexus. Some experts presume that it has made its successful entry finally in the market and most probably this is being revealed after a successful article being published previous Tuesday. The exact news which […]