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Amazing Android news has come to users that Android has released infinite applications which help users a lot to make proper choices. One of major confusions which may occur in this regard is that Android developers are developing applications so frequently that it becomes almost impossible to distinguish between them. So, what they do is that they make their choices on basis of recent comments, posts, and rankings. I am concerned with such stuff because I am good at writing on Android devices and in addition to this; new generation is fond of advanced technology more than older versions. Android offers lots of applications, games, software, and relevant stuff but I am going to emphasize more on Android tablet apps because this article is about their up comings and reviews. Let us share few of them.

Herman the Hermit

The most popular tablet Android app being designed for Android users is Herman the Hermit. This is basically a jumping game in which users come across a Herman who has got extra-ordinary and unique skills and this provides players with extreme entertainment and amusement. This makes them addicted when they play it and it costs only $0.99 for its paid versions.

Latest Android Tablet Apps
Latest Android Tablet Apps News

Age of Defenders

Age of Defenders is superb defending and attacking game which is a real-time online game and players combat with one another more accurately and superbly. It would be widely available on social networks and gaming zones very soon and costs $2.99 only. Users can enjoy it on Mac and LINUX too.

Zombieville USA – The Ultimate Side Scrolling Zombie Shooter!

It’s a classical arcade game being designed for Android users and is basically a fighting game. You can fight with your opponents more effectively and fighting equipments are widely available. It is going to cost you with only $1.99.

Due Today a Powerful GTD Project Management App

Are you fed up of your routine tasks? If you can’t manage your daily tasks and routines properly, you never need to worry because Due today s going to perform this task for you. You can jot down tasks, notes, calendar events, timings, routines, and lot more stuff using this coolest application. It is going to cost you with $2.99 only.

Reckless Getaway – Fast-Paced, Insanely Addictive, Lush 3D Racer

Racing game being designed for Android devices is Reckless Getaway and it offers lot of additional features and functions to players. It is available in 2 modes and more than 16 levels and it is highly addicted game for players i.e. once they start playing it, they would be in love with it for sure. Its cost is $2.99 only.


A superb looking and handsome keyboard is being developed for Android devices isSwiftkey Tablet X. It is latest and brand new keyboard having tremendous features and layout plus interface. Users are going to have fantastic personalization, typing experiences, prediction of words, spellings, punctuations, and lore more features by paying just $1.97.


I have discussed very few android tablet apps because they are infinite in number. If we start counting them, it would take years.



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