Android Malware Threat

Android faces a malware threat

Malware threats have taken the world by storm. Newer mobile threats are being discovered every day, so it is definitely an alarming situation. 1.5 million malware  has been detected. That is a pretty huge number. ‘Drive by downloads’ is a mobile threat, that is targeted towards Android. This requires Android users to be alert, in order to avoid all kinds of harm. The strange thing is that the attacks were initially aimed at PC’s. However now the attack domain has  increased. Now the attack is also targeted towards other devices. What we are trying to highlight here , is how to protect the devices ? That are being used for internet access.

Android Malware Threat
Android Malware Threat

Talking about ‘Drive by Download’ is termed as an Android / Not Compatible A. The way this malware functions is, that it automatically gets downloaded to a victim’s device. Now how this automatic downloading happens ? The answer is when an infected webpage is visited. The malware deceives the user by acting as a system update. Once the update is installed on your device , it becomes malware infected. Another attack strategy is the fake download sites. This makes identifying malware and scam more difficult. There are fake download sites available for Skype and Chrome, which actually give a real look. Malware’s have also been identified in Google’s official Play Store. Another virus known as Plankton virus, was discovered by North Carolina State University. Plankton virus was identified as the largest malware outbreak for Android. Therefore it is an urgent need that all Android users need to seek protection.

Users need to avoid third party distributions of Android applications, since 99% of them are malware infected.  Google Play and Amazon are more trusted avenues for downloads. One needs to monitor the permission requests of applications. A security application is a must for your device. If one adheres to these measures , your Android applications are definitely safe from all sorts of harm. You just need to take care of these basic steps. As  we all are aware of the fact that prevention is better than cure. Better to prevent your device, rather than looking for a remedy for a malware once your device is affected by it. Not to forget it is very important to remain updated with McAfee Reports. The reason being that you should be updated regarding the latest threats. Now that is what we call as smart planning and safe planning.

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