Droid Razor Smartphones

Droid Razor Smartphones in town

Technology is advancing day by day and in fact every day we are having a new happening. Newer devices are coming to the market every day , which are taking the customers by storm. The strangest part is whenever a new device hits the market, it creates a hype and people  develop this craze to purchase this particular product. However if one needs to sell a certain device,  excellent marketing is required. The reason being without excellent marketing, never can a product sell well. The latest news is that Motorolla has made an announcement regarding it’s latest smart phones.

Droid Razor  SmartphonesThis announcement was made in the New York city. Kevlar-backed Razr Smartphones are about to hit the market. This new device definitely has magnificent features. The main highlight is the definition display, which has a size of about 4.7 inch. The RAM size is about 1.5 GB. The Smartphone is facilitated with an S4 processor. At the same time it has a GH4 Snapdragon. LTE Radio is built in these Smartphones.  Motorolla has taken a major step and that is the shipment of these devices with Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Razr HD Maxx, another of Motoroll’s product is coming up with a few facility. The facility is that now the customers can have 21 hour talking time through Razr HDD Max. These products are new to town , therefore it is quite understandable that the prices are also going to be quite high. The products are soon to hit the stores. Razr HD Maxx will be priced at $299 , while Razr HD will be priced t $199. Droid Razor M is also on its way. It is the counterpart of Sprint’s Photon Q 4G LTE. This product will be priced at $99. It seems  a lot of variety will now be available at the stores.

With these new emerging technologies competition is bound to increase. However the customers can benefit from the condition, because there might be an adjustment in the price hikes and companies will try to adjust the prices of these products  to increase their sale. That is why it is said that competition is always good, since it creates ground for improvement .  With the emergence of new technologies, it seems  with every device, new facilities will be provided. Let us wait and watch. Let us hope to see more variety in the market. After all variety is the spice of life.


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