Why android has more market share than mobile industry

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Why android has more market share than mobile industry

No Comments 25 February 2013

The Google’s android industry has dominated the mobile market and established as an emerging technology. It has left very little margin for other operating systems to dominate their position in this regard. Many reasons hold up the overriding situation of android in the market.

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Temple Run

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Making Record in Temple Run

No Comments 11 January 2013

Temple Run is one of the most popular games these days. It was designed for smart phones. In fact it was designed for iOS and for Android systems as well. Soon the game became so popular that it hit 100 million download in just couple of months. Temple Run game can be found on almost every android or iOS device. Every person wants to make some record. There are users who have made more than 40 million points in a single run.

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viber for PC

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Using Viber Android App on PC

1 Comment 10 January 2013

Viber is a great app for android devices. Now they have launched the beta version for Windows Mobile Phones as well but it is very popular among android users. Millions of users all over the world have Viber app installed on their mobile phones. It’s a free to download app. It allows the user to communicate without any charges. It’s much like Skype. Internet connection is used to contact with others. You can call or you can text the Viber users if you know their cell number.

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How can you take popular viral videos and apply what works in them to your own YouTube content?

No Comments 18 July 2012

We have certainly seen our fair share of viral videos in the YouTube era of the web. From Talking Twin Babies to Stop Kony, this content has made a huge impact by getting people to take notice and spread the word to others. But beyond that, it has left behind lessons creators and marketers can learn from. The following tips will explain how you can take what made the viral video sensations of the past big hits and apply it to your own YouTube strategy.

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Tips On Taking Crystal Clear Cell Phone Images

1 Comment 27 June 2012

The statistics on Flickr and other image sharing sites are clear. The most popular phone out there is the iPhone 4, which features a top of the line digital camera. In some ways it was inevitable that cell phones would start dominating the point and shoot market.

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What is the importance of the newly upgraded Google Authenticator?

No Comments 14 April 2012

Google Authenticator is an application that allows users to safely connect to their Google Account. It leverages 2-step verification, a security protocol that adds an extra layer of protection by requiring a user to enter a unique PIN, in addition to a username and password to verify that they are the owner of the account. Compatible with a variety of mobile devices, the app does not require a network connection and is actually recommended by Google to all users connecting to their account from a smartphone.

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Minimize Download Latency Through EDNS-Client-Subnet

No Comments 29 September 2011

Follow these simple steps to tweak your computer’s Internet settings for faster connection.

IT engineers from Google and other Internet service giants forged a new DNS resolution standard to maximize Internet speed. Called the edns-client-subnet by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), the new protocol is the hallmark of the Global Internet Speedup

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Changing Windows Drive Names

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Change Drive Letters in Windows XP

2 Comments 12 November 2010

It might happen sometimes that it comes in mind to change the letters of the drives on your Windows computer. But is it possible to change the letters after assigning the letters as a name during the installation of windows? Yes it is. Even you can also change the letter of your external drive. External like CD Drives, any storage drives or whatever the data-holder is external to your pc.

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Advance User Management

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Stop Password Expiration of Window

2 Comments 10 November 2010

Have you ever seen the message “Your password will expire in 14 days” after installing the window on your computer or laptop? This is due to by the default setting in window XP. Actually the window is being protected with a password and which will get expire after 42 days. And when 14 days are left, it starts to warn you in order to protect your windows from this expiry.

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WordPress 500 Internal Server Error

4 Comments 08 May 2010

You opened your website in the browser and were surprised to see WordPress 500 Internal Server Error instead of your website.

To resolve the issue, let’s first check the error log file.
* Login to your host via Control Panel (cPanel / Plesk).
* If your host uses CPanel, then go to File Manager else if your host uses Plesk then go to Log Manager and open error_log file.
* Search for the error messages like: “Premature end of script headers“.

This issue can be resolved in a number of ways. I am providing here all the methods.
You are free to use any one depending on your choice.

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