Temple Run

Making Record in Temple Run

Temple Run is one of the most popular games these days. It was designed for smart phones. In fact it was designed for iOS and for Android systems as well. Soon the game became so popular that it hit 100 million download in just couple of months. Temple Run game can be found on almost every android or iOS device. Every person wants to make some record. There are users who have made more than 40 million points in a single run.

Temple RunTemple Run is an adventure game. It seems like a 3D game. You have to run for your life from a temple. Some ghost run behind you. As you make some mistake in running, the reach you and kill you. Besides these ghosts, you have to keep the balance and you have to cross different obstacles as well. Few of these obstacles are the Tree, Gaps in the wall, Fire Gates and some scary gates. When you reach in later part of the game, you find the wall broken from one side so you have narrow passage to cross that broken part.

There are two main aims of the game i.e. to collect coins and to keep running for a long distance. As you make some mistake like you lose balance and fell in the sea, or you strike with some obstacle or you fail to jump, the game ends and your run as well. As you move further in the game, the speed of the game increases and you have less time to react. You have to keep your eyes and finger very active to make a long run.

Temple Run gives you certain customizations as well which you can use to make the game easy and to run longer. An intelligent selection of option can help you in making records. You can select double multiple value coins, wings, power boost and liquefying. Multiple value coins give allow you to collect more than one coin when you hit one coin. These multiple value coins are easily visible because of different color as normal coin is of yellow color but multiple value coins are red and blue. Wings give you another life or another chance to run if your player dies when it had wings. Wings disappear after some time but a couple of minutes after you can again get the wings. Use wings to slow down the game speed. As you feel game is going too speedy that it is now hard to play, get wings and make your player die. When the game will resume again, it will be slower and you can get better control. Power booster makes you run faster without caring for any control. You can still use tilt option to collect coin.

The other powerful option or tool is the magnet. It allows you to keep running without caring for the collection of coins as coins are automatically attracted towards you when you have magnet with you. Do utilize this magnet to boost up your scoring speed. Using these tricks, i.e. Magnets, Power Boost, Multiple Value Coins and Wings, you can make records much higher than the existing records.

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