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Using Viber Android App on PC

Viber is a great app for android devices. Now they have launched the beta version for Windows Mobile Phones as well but it is very popular among android users. Millions of users all over the world have Viber app installed on their mobile phones. It’s a free to download app. It allows the user to communicate without any charges. It’s much like Skype. Internet connection is used to contact with others. You can call or you can text the Viber users if you know their cell number.

viber for PCNoting is required to get register. Simply go to Viber website and enter your phone number with your name. It will send a verification message on your phone. After verifying you can download the app on your android device. The good thing about this app is that you don’t need to add contact in it manually. It automatically detects all the contacts from your phone book who use Viber app. And when you run the app, it shows Viber contact in a list so you may call or text them whenever you want.

Unfortunately this app is made just for android systems. You cannot install it on PC like Skype. No crack or any beta version is released yet which may allow you to use the app on your PC. But it is said, “There is a will there’s a way”. So; here’s the solution that how to use Viber app on your PC. You won’t need any technical knowledge nor is any complex procedure involved. Simply download a couple of apps and then you are ready to use Viber on your PC whenever, wherever you are.

Android apps have extension .apk which is not yet recognized by Windows Systems. To run Android apps on PC, you will need some Android Emulator. Find in Google for some free to download Android Emulator. Blue Shack is considered a good one. You can find it on Google very easily. Download the Blue Shack on your system and install it. One thing you must keep in mind that you are going to run a machine within a machine so your system specification must be good so it may bear the load and it may share the system resources without hanging.

Blue Shack needs heavy graphics card installed on your system as Android gives very fine quality graphics to the users. After installing Blue Shack, you need to create a device in it which will be run like a virtual Android phone on your PC. Now using that virtual android phone, activate WiFi and download Viber after getting register. This apk file will be saved on specified memory of the virtual Android device. Install it and then enter your details. Now you can use Viber by launching this Virtual Android Device whenever you want, on your PC.

Few problems which I found using Blue Shack and Viber on PC need to be mentioned here. Blue Shack often gets held and doesn’t respond. This problem is reported by hundreds of users so it is expected to be solved in newer version. When WiFi gets disconnected and reconnected, Viber stops sending and receiving and you will have to restart the Blue Shack to use again. Be Social and Enjoy!

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