Why android has more market share than mobile industry

Why android has more market share than mobile industry

The Google’s android industry has dominated the mobile market and established as an emerging technology. It has left very little margin for other operating systems to dominate their position in this regard. Many reasons hold up the overriding situation of android in the market.

Why android has more market share than mobile industryIn the mobile industry, android has gained the attraction of all developers and experts to become the central leading authority. It has reached to its climax in year 2012; in fact it is considered as the best year in which it has generated the greater revenue. The efforts made by the developers of android to retain its customers for longer duration are successful due to innovations and creativity in the screen touch interfaces. It’s a rough guess that more than 60 percent of the share is gained by android in the market. But till 2016, this percentage seems to face the decline not less than a ten percent. Apart from this assaulting success, equal efforts are laid to make Windows 7 and iOS the second most dominating platform in IT technology.

No sole android phone can compete the iPhone of Apple in maintain the huge success rate. With the help of solid denouncing, premium experience and vendor’s cooperation, android out stood in the mobile market.

When it comes to Android supremacy, pointing to the absolute amount of devices placed on the shelves of the stores and in the hands of the customer, it   is questionably the merest cause for its accomplishment. Many such mobile devices exist, which run android in one way or the other hence they hold the influence of this prevailing operating system.

On the other hand, the major competitor of android is losing its position in the market. Apple is really trying hard to sustain with the mobile OS of Google, but it is finding no way out since it is providing the OS for iPad, iPhone and iPods only.

Microsoft perhaps has the finest option of one day catching up with Android. Finally, its OS and Windows that proposes the similar type of certifying approach as Android. Android rapid growth has attained the attention of all the investors and stakes holders to give it a boost android market is settled platform for the companies to ire the developers and trains them within no time to make out standing products. The risk factor also stands the same way as the success ratio of this market is growing.

With the achievement of android, the worth of Google has been acknowledged. Even this matter is of great concern for the brands. They are in search of finding the trusted parties of the retailers and the users who can provide them stuff of their interest. This is the main reason for the smart phone’s manufacturers to invest more in this area. This is an inducement for the users to buy android phones. Hence we can say that without the help of Google’s vast capital and market pressure android wouldn’t be able to capture large area in the market.

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