How to Search Stolen Mobile

Mobile Phone is a common necessity and a basic need of human being now-a-days. In today’s era, one can’t survive just by chapatti, cloth and shelter. These 3 were called the basic needs of ancient times. Now man needs computer, electricity, fan and of course mobile. I would rather say that Mobile Phone comes at fourth number after the 3 basic needs that are running from the ancient times.

As the requirement of these handsets are increasing, so is the thefts of these sets are also increasing. People buy the new devices and some lose them on the same day. The mobiles come very costly and thus losing them is unbearable to the users.

But now, there’s a way that relieves you from the pain that you experience when you lost your phone. Actually, now all mobiles carry a unique International Mobile Identity Number, shortly known as IMEI Number. This IMEI number is like DNA in human beings. It is a unique identity for every handset.

Just like the police and detectives get held of the criminals with DNAs; in the same way, the thieves can be tracked by this IMEI. This unique identification is an Electric Finger-Print that is broadcasted every time the phone is used. So, when the thief will use it for calling/receiving the calls, he would be traced and you can catch him/her easily and that too red-handed.

So just follow the below steps to secure your precious smartphone.

  • Dial *#06# from your phone. Please note that this step must be followed before the set is stolen so that the IMEI digit can be noted.
  • After you dial the above code, you will see a 15 digit code on your home-screen. This is the unique Imei code.
  • You should store this code at some safe place, can be in your notepad on the computer or some secret diary.
  • When you found your phone missing, open your computer having internet connection on it.
  • Login to your emailid.
  • Email that noted 15 digit code to Also include your Name, Address, Model etc.
  • You will get the present location information of your mobile.

You can also find your phone’s IMEI number on the backside of your mobile phone. Some mobile companies list the IMEI number on the back cover of the handset while others list under the backcover. You can take the back cover of your handset out and can search for IMEI number on its inner side. Many mobile companies list the IMEI on a sticker and paste that sticker on the phone while very few print the number directly on the phone sets.

Trace Lost Mobile
Trace Lost Mobile

After knowing the IMEI identification of your mobile, you can also go to your local police station and register a FIR. Please hand over the IMEI to police and the police will be able to track your phone for you.

Using Google’s Find My Device
If you have Android mobile then you can take the help of Google to track your stolen phone.

1. Go to Google’s Find My Device official website.

2. Enter your email id and the password for your android mobile. If you have multiple android devices and have multiple android accounts then you need to signin with the android account for which you need to find your mobile.

3. After login, you will see that your phone is listed on left hand side of the page.

4. Select your phone.

5. You will see that your phone’s location is getting displayed on the screen. But please note that if your phone is powered-off or if the thief has not connected your mobile with valid internet connection then you will not be able to see any location on the screen.


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