How To Disable Function Key In Laptop

After writing Wordpress 3.0 available for Download, I was signing into my gmail but continuously after trying my password for 3-4 times also, I was unable to log-in. Every time, Gmail was showing my password as Invalid.

At the first instant, I thought that some suspicious account activity has taken place and my emailed was hacked. I felt nervous and thought that the hackers have tracked the credentials of world’s best person 🙂

Next, I tried to open mine yahoo emailed but it failed to login too. It was strange to me. I opened notepad and started typing something on it but when I pressed O key, 6 was printing on screen. All letters were appearing jumbled. I recognized that with Fn key pressed, I was able to type correctly. Now, I logined into mine emailIds by pressing Function Key and it worked. Mine gmail is not hacked 🙂 . I tried my yahoomail and its also working fine now..

I noticed that function key is ON. I searched some on Google and got the way to disable function Keys. Just press Fn + NmLk both at the same time and you can enable / disable the function key.

A small way but quite a useful one. It blew me at first instant when the login was not getting successful. But thanks that now I am ok 🙂

My time wasted in searching the solution as I had no idea that what has happened else the solution was only a sec work as we need to press just 2 keys on the laptop and the problem solves. As in my case, just after I pressed the correct buttons, my issue was resolved.


  1. Nice tip 🙂 i bookmarked it.

  2. This is of course a very useful tips for me. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is what i am looking for a long time… thank you….

  4. Thank you
    while setting up my girlfriend keyboard i thought i pressed fn + Scr Lk and this activated the fn key, so when “L” pressed on keyboard it gives “3” on Hasee pc i think it’s chinese. Now i did what you sais and its done “L” key pressed give “L”
    She will stop embarrassing me now lol

  5. heeeey 5ts n6t w6r25ng :((

  6. Thanks alot. This has been very helpful because i have been experiencing the same problem since Saturday.And it has worked. Am so grateful.

  7. I want to disable the sleep function.
    can someone help me please? ”thanx

  8. I had the same problem about one I have cleared that.thanks a lot.

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