How much do Precision CNC Machining cost?

Precision CNC machining is made of several tools and several processes. Everything is controlled by a computer. The latter sends a numerical sequence to a machine tool, in order to perform a specific manufacturing task. All of the things we have just described entail you spend money to have them. Yes, you must buy a CNC machine to work through automated manufacturing tools. They consist of a programmed computer and a machine tool. The latter can be a milling, drilling, sewing automated machine tool. To obtain the great benefits of precision Cnc machining, you must face an expense which is tied to the purchase of a CNC machine, which, in turn, as we have already said, works only through a numerical control computer and a machine tool which performs manufacturing tasks. How much do they cost?
We replied to the question in the following paragraphs.

Precision CNC machine cost
It is hard to estimate the cost of a precision CNC machine. It depends of the quality of the machine and on the types of tools you need for the precision cnc machining. A Cnc machine can be very expensive, especially if you are just starting your manufacturing business. You could purchase cheap Cnc machines, but quality is always the main requirement these machines must have. Low quality means low quality tasks and consequently, low quality products, also. Hence, avoid starting with the wrong step and look for CNC machines with the best value for money.


To find the right price for you, you must always search for companies where the currency is favorable for you. Usually, you find that when you buy from India or from China. However, we suggest that you don’t overlook the quality of the CNC machine you need.

Program codes, industrial computer and machine tool must be perfectly operational and able to carry out a high amount of tasks. If they are not so able, it means they are not industrial machines, but hobby machines.

Hence, industrial CNC machines are more expensive than hobby machines, even though they work both through computer numerical control.


The cost of a high performance milling CNC machine is around 20,000 dollars. The cost can also rise for turning machines. Just think that a high quality Cnc turning machine can also have a cost of 50,000 dollars! To start your factory, hence, you could ask for a mortgage, also. You have also to include the cost of the additional tools to the above mentioned prices, such as the development kit for the prototypes of precision CNC machining. A kit has a cost of 150 dollars.

Hourly cost for Precision CNC Machining
When you work with precision CNC machining, you must also calculate the hourly cost of the human operator who drives Precision CNC Machining. The current rate for high quality precision CNC machining work is 55 dollars per hour. If you are a specialist of precision CNC machining, you can earn tons of money from your skills. Your employer, namely the manufacturer will retrieve all of the costs applying a right sale price to the end product.

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