How to Scale up Your Career with SAFe

Managing projects and ensuring competent product development is crucial for IT companies. These software-development organizations might have the best team of developers, but if there is ambiguity in terms of customer requirements and project delays, it can create havoc. Being a highly dynamic environment that is extremely result oriented, speed, accuracy and efficiency are essential characteristics here for both individuals and organizations.

What is SAFe® and how it provides all the answers?
Leading SAFe 4.6 certification involves a two-day course that imparts knowledge of Scaled Agile Framework®. SAFe® (Scaled Agile Framework®) supports development teams in managing the demanding nature of team management, workflows and programs to create and deliver a product that satisfies the customer.

Here you learn how the principles and its implementation support and develop Agile Architecture, Leadership Scaling, Agile Portfolio Management and ScrumXP amongst a few other relevant topics.

SAFe® may be challenging to implement; however, it has multiple benefits. All issues related to budget, planning and managing cross-functional teams are addressed by it. It focuses on adding value while meeting organizational as well as individual project goals.

Immense support material exists in terms of case studies and reference journals that can easily see you through during the challenges that you may come up with once you have completed your training. Leading SAFe® course is essential for you, if you wish to scale up in your career, here are the top 7 reasons for you.

1. Credential of your talent
You may not become an expert with this certification; however; it exemplifies about your awareness of the basic concepts and makes you fit to work in large teams executing complex projects. It is one of the prominent things that make you stand apart.

2. A global recognition
The certification is recognised across the globe and holds immense value. All significant companies accept it as a professional credential. Armed with this training, you can dream of working anywhere in the world with the organization of your choice. It has got everything that can support your dream.

3. Reap financial benefits
Another compelling reason to go for this certification is the salary hike that you can draw even from your existing employer. Some surveys suggest that SAFe 4.6 certified professionals draw at least 25% more than their counterparts without this training. For that good hike in the salary, it is a certification that you cannot do without. It is one aspect of your professional career that you cannot afford to ignore.

4. Stay relevant as a professional
You already know how challenging it is to remain relevant and updated with skills in the IT sector. Companies, their work culture and expectations from the employees change fast as per the demands of the customers. Companies adopt methodologies that cater to the customer’s requirements like Lean Startup Cycle for innovating and creating quality in their products. Engagement to your projects and assigned tasks is another welcome change that you will witness in yourself professionally.

5. The knowledge that you can apply
SAFe® certification is not merely about gaining knowledge that is impressive and provides you with a feel-good factor. It about current and emerging industry trends and provides answers to the challenges that organizations are currently facing. It is the knowledge that you can apply to your workplace right from day one. Your skills get enhanced when you learn to work in teams and understand the project scenarios from different perspectives.

6. It is the beginning
The course is not an accomplishment but the start of your journey in the Agile framework world. The training and the certification come along with support and networking from professionals like you or more skilled and experienced than you. The learning for you have just been and will never stop with this certification. Help, support and guidance are available to you at every step.

7. Bringing quality and productivity to your workplace
Did you know that as a SAFe® certified professional one can drastically improve the quality aspect in the development and the final stage of product development? A professional trait that every organization desires in its employees is what you develop with this course. Creating quality standards and adhering to it becomes a norm for you.

As a leader or as a team member you will be more engaged with excellent communication skills and engagement. Statistics suggest that there will be a significant increase in the productivity of your team when equipped with this certification.

The industry acceptance this certification due to the wealth of practical knowledge that it provides is compelling enough for you to join a Leading SAFe course.

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