Place your iPhone in silent mode with Activator Events – Silent Mode Switcher

We all know that Apple’s iPod touch and iPhone have a switch on them and we can turn the iPod or iPhone on/off with this switch. But, if by chance, the switch brokes.

Silent Mode Switcher is a tweak from Cydia, which lets you to put your jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch on silent mode, even when the switch is not working.
Silent Mode Switcher iPhone silent mode

Silent Mode Switcher uses Activator Events for placing iPhone and iPod in silent mode.

You may also set your own events with this Cydia app and can override the default ones.
For this, Double-Tap the lockscreen clock and hold the status bar. Now, you can change it in Activator settings.

SilentMode Switcher is available at ModMyi repo.


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