How to put Easy-Access settings on iOS Device

Apple     28 February 2011     0 Comments

The iOS settings app is great when it comes to make bigger changes. However, for small and frequent changes, it’s little boring. We just came to know about a cydia app SBSettings that helps you to bring a quick settings panel. The app can move your important toggles directly into Springboard. You can then access your important toggles instantly while other apps are running.
SBSettings App

How to Install SBSettings and customize settings on Jailbroken iOS Devices
1. Install SBSettings app from Cydia.
2. Allow Cydia to restart Springboard.
3. When Springboard starts up, swipe from left to right across the status bar on your device.
4. SBSettings settings panel will appear and any of those settings can be changed easily.
5. Tap ‘X‘ in the corner to close SBSettings panel.

SBSettings also supports various themes and plugins. So, you can search Cydia for the same and make its look and function it as you want.




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