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If you have started a new blog then every time you publish a new post on your blog, you must ping different services. I was also searching the list of pinging services. While Google surfing, the list grew rapidly and around 90 links were in the queue.

But the question arises:
“Should I ping all the ping services?”
The answer is simply—NO.

If you check your ping list, some of the links that you got from internet might not be working. If they are not working, it can’t be a problem for you. But if they are working, your blog can be banned even. Actually, some of these pinging links such as pingomatic, pings many sites. Again, you ping those sites individually too. So, in the end, you end pinging a particular site 3-4 times. Is this acceptable to pinging sites?

So, for better pinging and getting good love from the blogosphere world, stress on these points:
*Minimize your pinging list and assure that you only have working links in your list.
*Do not ping any of the directory more than once.
*Ping with the url of post, not with your domain link every time. For this Install MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer. I’ll be soon posting on this.

I’ll be soon posting the Complete list of Pinging Services that you need to just ping and will update this post soon, probably by today itself.

Complete list of Pinging Services



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  1. Nihar says:

    Great post. I will check your other subsequent posts.

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