TechOfweb opened their services

Today, we have added 2 new pages to our Pages section i.e., Services and Portfolio. From now onwards, we would be providing our services to the required ones at nominal fees.

We are just starting with our Banner and Logo Designing service. Soon we would be expanding our services to include other tasks as well as WordPress SEO etc.

Initially, we are charging $7 if  you want to hire us for designing logo for your site. So, in case you are interested in making banners, you may contactus for the same.

Update As On June 19, 2011:

The charges that we would take from now onwards for designing the logos for your website would be $15 per banner. We can design the professional banners.

We have a dedicated designer with us that would design the banners for you as per his experience. He has extensive experience in making the good designs. You should explain us your blogs and sites name and whether you want to have only simple text or want to include some attractive images in it.

Please note that the charges may vary as per the work. If we will see that there is lot of work to do then the amount may increase a little. You have to clear the requirement in the start. We would let you know the finalized amount before starting the work.

So if you want to hire us, please let us know. We would be happily working for you.


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