Ezine Articles WordPress Plugin

Ezine Articles has released a plugin WP- Ezine Articles for submitting your blog posts to Ezine Articles Directory directly from wordpress dashboard. I just installed the plugin on mine blog. Just check the box as shown in the below picture if you want the post to be submitted to ezine […]

Share your posts to Stumbleupon – Stumble Me

Stumble Me is a WordPress plug-in that allows your blog’s readers to share your posts on Stumble upon. This plugin displays stumble icon at the right hand side of beginning of your each post. Total Stumble views of that post are also shown. So, you can boast of your stumble […]

Optimize WordPress Database : WP- Optimize

Whenever we edit and save a post or page in WordPress blog, WordPress creates a revision of that post or page. Say, if we are editing the post 15 times then 14 copies would be saved unnecessarily as revisions in wp database , resulting in MySql overhead. The only current […]

My Plugins got approved in WordPress

Today, mine both plugins BookmarkIt and BuzzMe got approved in wordpress directory. Congrats to me 🙂 You can check both plugins in wordpress directory at BookMarkIt at and BuzzMe at I did a minor mistake in mine both the plugins. So corrected them and checked in just after wordpress approved them. Thanks […]

Add Google Buzz to your blog – Buzz Me

Buzz Me is a WordPress plug-in that allows your blog’s readers to share your posts on Google Buzz. This plugin displays buzz icon at the end of your each post. I would like to thanks everybody who all helped me to make this plugin whether he/she may be blogs reader […]

CommentLuv Plugin not fetching latest feed posts

Comment Luv plugin is used to reward your commentators as a link-back. Generally the blogs which have this WordPress plugin installed and activated receive a lot of comments from other commentators as the person who is commenting gets a useful link back to his own blog post. Visitors of the […]

How to make urls Search Engine Friendly

Common Words like a, an, the, and, to etc. should be removed from the urls in order to make them friendly for search engines. These words weaken your SEO.  Many bloggers ignore this fact but it is something that should be taken care of. You can do this manually. When […]