CommentLuv Plugin not fetching latest feed posts

Plugins     19 February 2010     6 Comments

Comment Luv plugin is used to reward your commentators as a link-back.

Generally the blogs which have this WordPress plugin installed and activated receive a lot of comments from other commentators as the person who is commenting gets a useful link back to his own blog post. Visitors of the former site come on the commentator one also while reading the comments.

And if the former site is very popular then it gives a good number of free visitors too. Apart from the free traffic, you get a recognition and popularity in the blogosphere.

Comment Luv plugin was not working for mine blog correctly. Whenever I used to comment on other blogs, it always fetched mine blogs only one post ‘Wordpress 2.9.2 – Update Available’. I felt annoyed of this as getting the link back always for one post is not something that I want.

I contacted the commentLuv team and they asked me to register mine site if I want to show the latest post every time while commenting on comment luv enabled blogs.

As per the official team advice, I registered mine site and it worked for me. Now commentLuv fetches mine blog’s feed easily and I can see my latest post whenever I comment on any blog that has Comment Luv plugin installed. Also, I can change the article link if I want i.e., if I want to display any other article instead of the latest one, I can do that too.

If you are also facing same issue, you can also register your blog at



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6 Comments so far

  1. Anish K.S says:

    Yes friend, me too notice the same.

  2. rajesh says:

    I agree with you, But the problem is Fixed now.

  3. Atul says:

    @Anish K.S : Welcome to my blog. Hope this post will help you out

  4. Henry Barnes says:

    i also use infolinks on 3 of my blogs and it is also earning as much as adsense. ‘:;

  5. Atul says:

    @Bass Guitar Stands: dont copy the article…just you can use its info and a linkback is definitely required. Keep visiting techofweb for more info 🙂

  6. Same issue with me…I tried your suggestions. Let me check it now…

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