How to make urls Search Engine Friendly

Common Words like a, an, the, and, to etc. should be removed from the urls in order to make them friendly for search engines. These words weaken your SEO.  Many bloggers ignore this fact but it is something that should be taken care of. You can do this manually. When you write a post, edit its url by removing such words.

But if you are using any CMS for managing your website then you can search for any plugin that does this task for you. I am telling you here for WordPress CMS. If you are on WordPress then you can refer the plugin that I am going to describe here today.

The plugin is known as SEO Slugs WordPress plugin. This plugin automatically removes such words from your link when you publish the post.

Here, one question arises?
If the plugin will remove the words from older posts, it would be a great panic as you will experience a lot of 404 errors in your Google Webmaster Tools then and also the biggest search engine can give you a blow. But don’t worry, it depends on you whether you want to enable it for your older posts or not. By default, older posts urls will remain unaffected. So, you will not get any 404 error :).


The installation of this WordPress plugin is quite simple and you can install it just like other common plugins as illustrated below:

  • Download the SEO Slugs Plugin
  • Install the plugin.
  • Activate it via WordPress Dashboard.

Download SEO Slugs Plugin from above link.

So, I would say this is must if you want to improve your blog’s SEO and get good love and traffic from Google.

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