Upgrade your WordPress Database Automatically: WordPress Automatic Upgrade

Generally, wordpress developers go on releasing new versions of wordpress and it’s obvious too as to add some new functionality to the wordpress core working or to fix any bugs, issues etc., a new version has to be released. We often see Upgrade to version x.x.x .You can update either manually or it can be done automatically through any self-written code or plugin.

Manually upgrading your wordpress is a cumbersome task. You can make your  website just hang in between if by chance you face any errors while upgrading. What if all this be done automatically. I know automatic updation will be more good and accurate. There will be almost no chances of any error and you will have the latest version by just some clicks.

WordPress Automatic Upgrade is a wordpress plugin that upgrades your old wordpress version to the new one available. Backing of files, De-activation and re-activation of plugins is handled by this plugin on its own. Also, you need not to worry of tracking when a new version is available. It will show you a message when an update is available. You need to click that Upgrade button and you are all done. Clicking on button will take you to a series of steps to follow. The first steps will show you the options to backup your database and all themes files. It’s your wish if you want to take a backup or not. When you will be updating the site, it would be in the maintenance mode for that time-period. The plugin will automatically put it in the maintenance mode and after the process is complete, the site will be up and running again. The process is very simple and just needs the Next and Continue buttons to be clicked. Very Simple.

Installation Instructions

  • Download WordPress Automatic Upgrade wordpress plugin.
  • Upload it via WordPress dashboard.
  • Activate it.

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