My Plugins got approved in WordPress

Today, mine both plugins BookmarkIt and BuzzMe got approved in wordpress directory. Congrats to me 🙂 You can check both plugins in wordpress directory at BookMarkIt at and BuzzMe at

I did a minor mistake in mine both the plugins. So corrected them and checked in just after wordpress approved them. Thanks to me 🙂

Update on June 10, 2011:

Both my plugins are getting popular and are getting good love from all the users. People are using my free useful WordPress Plugins on their websites and blogs and both are proving useful to them.

BookMarkIt is a social bookmarking website plugin that allows you to share your post to the majorly used Social Bookmarking Websites. This is a must one as your visitors should have an option of sharing your blogs articles to the social bookmarking channels if they like. If they are unable to see any bookmarking icon then you loss a love from them and also the lack of popularity of your posts.

Buzz Me just displays the buzz icon and allows everyone to post the articles to Google Buzz. Google Buzz is also an important social channel that should have all your articles to be shared. And Google can track of any post’s importance atleast from its circle or we can say, its own products. So, I think we should try to provide our visitors as much way as they want so that they can do useful share and we end in getting more traffic and in turn revenue from our Online Websites.


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