Author: Atul

How much do Precision CNC Machining cost?

Precision CNC machining is made of several tools and several processes. Everything is controlled by a computer. The latter sends a numerical sequence to a machine tool, in order to perform a specific manufacturing task. All of the things we have just described entail you spend money to have them. […]

How to Scale up Your Career with SAFe

Managing projects and ensuring competent product development is crucial for IT companies. These software-development organizations might have the best team of developers, but if there is ambiguity in terms of customer requirements and project delays, it can create havoc. Being a highly dynamic environment that is extremely result oriented, speed, […]

Market Demand of Certified Scrum Developers

Scrum is an Agile framework, the popularity of which has steadily increased in recent years. Often regarded as simple to understand, it is often misunderstood to be only a format of doing things. Scrum is actually a framework that tries to apply the philosophy of maximum clarity in processes and […]

How to Search Stolen Mobile

Mobile Phone is a common necessity and a basic need of human being now-a-days. In today’s era, one can’t survive just by chapatti, cloth and shelter. These 3 were called the basic needs of ancient times. Now man needs computer, electricity, fan and of course mobile. I would rather say […]

How to install Windows Phone 7 OS on HTC HD2

XDA forum developer has developed a trick to install Windows Phone 7 OS on HTC HD2. This trick is against Microsoft’s announcement that old phones can’t run Windows Phone 7. XDA Forum developer has used a custom ROM that has same features as of Windows Phone 7 OS.

Words With Friends Android Game Ads Removal Hack

Do you play one of the popular games of Android – ‘Words with Friends’. If you are a frequent user of this Android game then many a times you might be feeling annoyed with the popping advertisements. No doubt that the developer wants to earn with the advertisements but the […]