Opera 11 Released

Opera 11 has been released.

This Opera 11 has several improvements such as:

* Tab Stacking: This feature allows you to drag one tab over another and creating groups of tabs. This is very useful as you can group similar type of websites in one group. Example: if you have opened all your mails in separate tabs then you can group all the tabs in one group. This again adds to user’s ease as if you close one group then all the websites of that particular group closes and you need not to close each similar website individually.

* Safer Address Field: Address field provides more security. If you want to open some of the websites that you consider as secure and don’t want them to be stored in any cache etc. then you should try opening those sites using this address field. This comes useful when you are visiting any secure site like banking one. Also, if you are visiting your any of the friends’ home and you need to open such secure websites on his/her computer then the ‘Safer Address Field’ proves very much useful.

* Visual Mouse Gestures

* Extensions

* Mail Panel: This is Opera’s built-in mail client. This will take care of your emails.
Opera 11 Released

Opera is one of the reputed and popular browsers after Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox. Previously IE dominated the market but now Google’s Chrome is leading the market and more and more people are shifting to Chrome.

Opera is a small company managed and run by small number of peoples. They all work very hard for this browser to make it popular.

Their hard work is proving them also as after the leading names; users talk and use this small brand’s product only. But then also still many ways are there to go.

This eleventh version is very special as it contains some special features. These features are already been described above.

You can Download Opera11 here

See Opera Extensions video:

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