Tips for promoting your music in soundcloud

Hi folks, I was researching a touch on the Soundcloud platform and found this article I’d like to share with you how to promote SoundCloud Tracks.

1. Use Groups: Find similar groups to your musical style. The more specific wherever you active too- better. This will help you get much feedback and interact with like-minded producers; can arise leads and collaborations, ie synergies. You can also use the search box to search SoundCloud related groups in your area and not so afines- looking for here’s a community that might allow you to play more, for example. The rest you know: do not bother or irritate with your music or your promotion. You can even search for keywords like “tools”, “software”, etc. You can find some groups there are created and, above all, what you can provide them and how they can help. Remember SoundCloud is your community.

2. Optimize Your Profile this is basic. Fill out your profile, put photo, add your bio. Think about SoundCloud as a platform where the producer or DJ has almost all its material. Do not let anything without tying in which it can be your letter online presentation most important If you are at this point is that you are already following a strategy, but is a basic strategy. If so, you have an ecosystem of Social Media in which you move. Well, do not forget to add links for all platforms where you are, do not forget to integrate all your digital identity and activity so that you are easily findable. Examples of well-made integration and complete profile, you can look SoundCloud account Amnesia Ibiza.


3. Post and Share With the same as in the previous point, do not forget, for each new track post it on each of the platforms on which you are present. The schedules are also important. Here I leave an example to bloggers that you could orient yourself well enough to choose the time your publications.

4. Care for Your Fans seems incredible, but on every page I see, this is what less ago. Remember you are here for your fans. Not to be NASA engineer for this, it is basically about: Reply to all comments that make you in your tracks Welcome to new followers In short talk, but talk of truth, people who are at home listening to your music and commenting.

5. Information on Your Tracks As in the profile, try to put a pic to track when you upload, label good about their gender or gender and, above all, put the link to buy the track! (If you do not have unauthorized downloads). It would be nice also were to put the data from your social profiles, as sometimes it goes directly to the track from other sources and do not visit the account of the artist.

6. Music Free I do not remember where I heard recently that “how sad would do not even want free download your music. ” Faced with new models of musical consumption passing mostly by extensive use of streaming, and a world of DJ / producers where Queen remix culture than anywhere else, sometimes no sense to put barriers your music is used. At least let your “mixes original” are used for this. Also think that, before royalties for artists by streaming platforms and even reduced sales online, well worth renouncing them for opportunities to gain exposure and “at the end of the game,” leads. Join this point to the first point, the group, it can also be a good strategy: share your music related groups and rejoice with your music being pinched or that remix, for then you will double audience, your fans and fans Artist who uses your music.

7. Use the Contact Lists Organize your contacts portfolio is always good option, whatever the business, project or just your everyday life. This will help you to see at a glance which of your followers to love the house if, for example, you sort of styles-and, why not, the next house track you upload can notify you by mail exclusively to them Thanks to the list.

8. Use the Sets With a purpose very similar to the previous point organizes your EPs or your collections in sets. From the point of view of the fan, besides being easier to find and play-if you just want to hear that collection-, you can also share the full set in other social networks.

9. Discuss and Follow Like take care of your fans, create community and interact with it does not mean strafe with your new releases or your promos. Think, how you you like? Like you discuss, listen to your tracks and mark your music as a favorite? Like having new followers? For just that Start doing this with the artists you like, or contacts that might be the key -that perfect way to break the ice if you do not confident- and watch the results come quickly without forcing, and very naturally and anything invasive.

10. Check Your Strategy As I said on the second point, if you’re carrying out a strategy, it is logical what’re measuring your results. An easy way to do this can be found here. Well, when measured you will realize what works best for you and what does not work so well. Perfect! Have the necessary data to enhance everything good and correct the bad.

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