Free Salesforce Training With Trailhead

One of the easiest ways to get a quality free Salesforce training is Trailhead. It helps the developers, administrators and the business users to get a guided learning path to the key features of Salesforce CRM. This is made possible by Trailhead using a set of interactive online tutorials. It was created through the collaboration between the Salesforce marketing, developing and Doc teams. Trailhead was launched in 2014 and since then a lot of new content and features have been added to the free Salesforce training tool, Trailhead.

For whom is this free Salesforce training tool meant for?
The initial content of Trailhead is targeted for beginners and the intermediate users of Salesforce. More advanced topics are also covered and thus Trailhead becomes useful for administrators and developers at all experience levels in Salesforce. The goal of Trailhead is to transform the way how customers learn to use Salesforce by simplifying and redefining the learning experience.

How Trailhead stands out?
• It is self paced online learning tool. By choosing the appropriate trail, you can learn what you want and when you want. It is the model of interactive learning which has already made popular by the websites such as Codecademy, Udacity, Treehouse, Code School etc.

• The content of Salesforce in this free Salesforce learning tool is arranged in a hierarchy with the 3 levels. Trails, modules and the units. The customers have a predefined path to follow since everything is presented in a sequence. Customers do not need to waste time in understanding what to read and how to order. All is in sequence.

• Each tutorial in this tool carries short units which can be read just in 10 to 15 minutes each. The content is simple, useful and sufficient to maximize the learning experience to a great level.

• There is an interactive assessment at the end of every unit and you can take the challenge of testing what you have learnt till now. You can either answer multiple choice questions or performing specific tasks. Instant feedback is available after you complete the challenge through the click of a button.

• Award points and badges are awarded when a use successfully completes a unit or a module respectively. In your user profile you get these awards and badges displayed which becomes recognition for your efforts and expertise.

Thus the combination of all these features makes Trailhead a great free Salesforce training tool and refreshing way of learning. The approach is new and enjoyable way of training Salesforce knowledge and the user continues to be engaged with the training all the time. Previously it was an uninteresting and unclear way of learning Salesforce when there was no Trailhead since the methods were boring and unclear. The integration of content along with the assessment is also a great feature which helps in the popularity of Trailhead.

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