Re-install Paid Apps for Free on Windows Phone 7

Suppose your current Windows Phone 7 mobile is damaged or it’s been an outdated set and you have to purchase a new handset. You happily purchased a new mobile, attached your Live ID to it but you notice that you have your no apps or games on new handset. So is there any way to download and retain your previously paid apps on this new handset. The answer to this question is – YES.

You can now easily restore and download your all paid apps again. Even if you uninstall any app or game by-mistake and wish to reinstall it, the below method could prove handy to you.

How to reinstall paid apps for free on Windows Phone 7 devices
• Launch Market Place on your phone.
• Log in with the same Live ID that you used while purchasing the apps.
• Tap on ‘Buy‘.
• You will be redirected to Confirm Installation screen as shown in image below with message
You’ve already purchased this application, Would you like to install it again?
Re-Install apps on WP7
• Tap on yes and the app (or game) will be installed on your phone.


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