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We are always in search of latest and advanced stuff. This is because technology has inspired us in such a way that we have become totally technology dependent. We can’t resist using devices and sources of communication because we are now addicted to them. More precisely, mobiles have become much common nowadays. Our generations use it frequently and lots of people use it negatively i.e. sending SMS< photos, images, etc. I am here to discuss with you lot of android top free apps which may help you in choosing right mobile iOS.

Words with Friends

You can enjoy playing multiplayer games using this application and it costs you with nothing. You can enjoy playing games with your mates and friends with no distortion.

ATM Hunter

ATM Hunter Android App
ATM Hunter Android App

All of us are well aware of ATM and its usage. This application is going to find for you ATM machines near you and you can easily perform your transactions with lot of ease and comfort. It generally works like GPS because it finds suitable ATM places for you.


Netfix movies can be viewed through online channels by this application provided that you are well equipped with devices like Motorola, HTC, LG etc.


This is superb application which lets you to have speech facility with itself i.e. you can talk any name, brand, band, music stuff, or anything and this application would be providing you with relevant details i.e. photos, mages, galleries, lyrics, sounds, data, and relevant stuff.

Tap Tap Revenge 4

This tremendous and latest stuff provides awesome features regarding latest tracks and sounds. It is widely and freely available for Android users.

Sleep as an Droid

Have you ever seen any application which would let you sleep properly? I mean to say that any application which may guide you about your sleeping styles and then wake you up in time. Yes! Sleep as an Droid id going to do this for you with no costs.


An easy and comfortable application which us actually a text editor and provides users with best features including dropbox features is Epistle.

µTorrent Remote

Most of us are well aware of torrent download and uploads. This is because torrents are of vital usage and importance. Torrent files are being downloaded by users having lots of features by this application. Features may include play, stop, stream, upload, download speed, on fly downloads, and lot more.


Foodspotting will place a spot for you in searching food places. I mean to say that it would work as GPS for food points and will be helping you to search nearest food courts, food points, restaurants, junk foods, best reviews, and lot more. Its search would be on basis on maximum visits, high rankings, high reviews, and likes.

Google Translate

Who doesn’t know Google Translate? I think at least technology persons can’t deny it. I remember when I was a university undergraduate, I would copy all Google stuff to translator and it would translate me differently. This always took me away of copy paste feature. So, Google translate lets you search the word, speak the word, pronounce the word, and lot more features. No stiffing problem occurs ever and this always helps users to do research based projects.

Kongregate Arcade

It is comprised of more than 500 games and relevant stuff. It offers infinite strategy games plus racing and card games. It’s a complete arcade which means that it is a package of all games of various categories or patterns. Kongregate Arcade lies in top list of android top free apps because of its popularity and usage.

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