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Android’s Top Video Players

Android has developed lot of applications for its users and all of them are quite unique and amazing. Users fall in love with them and they find it almost impossible to distinguish between them. I mean to say that it becomes much tough for them to make choices in between them. They find each new and advanced application the best one and this gives them a confusing environment where competition among users and applications has increased too much. Android provides more than 100,000 applications to its users. I am not going to provide you with details of all applications being designed but let us briefly look at Android’s video player’s applications.


Let us share stuff about Mobo Player. It’s an application of Android which lets you view videos with no conversion, anytime and anywhere. It is not format specific.

VPlayer Pro

This video application makes users too much entertained and amazed by its infinite features and this is best video choice for mobile users especially Android users.


This provides lot more features for users in their Android devices.

RockPlayer Lite

RockPlayer supports all functionalities and features and is tremendous in its workings.


All of us are well aware of Youtube application and love to download and stream videos. It provides us with lots of tutorials and videos i.e. advanced and previous videos.


RealPlayer is designed in a cool structure and it provides mobile users with great features. It lets users enjoy lot of videos along with features like easy interface, user interface, music playback by directory folder and they can perform easy deletion of their videos and songs.

VLC Stream & Convert

VLC Media Player Android App
VLC Media Player Android App

VLC player has become much popular among users and this allows users with more than enough features like full screen, video cutting, high quality, and lot more. VLC plays almost all formats and is simply awesome in its working.

Zimly the Coolest Media Player

Zimly is considered best video application being designed for Android devices. It offers lot of built-in video features and is simply awesome.

Meridian Media Player Autonomy

It is highly customizable and efficient video application of Android.


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