Some of the latest android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich features

It is being surmised that the Ice Cream Sandwich or rather the Android 4.o is really going to change the face of the Android cell phones a lot. An Operating System that can be used both in the smart phones and the tablet can really be vouched for. This perhaps is the greatest thing and advancement in the industry of cell phones and tablets that may have happened till now.

Android 4.0 features

Though, till now it is only one smart phone that has pre-installed this OS (Google’s Samsung Galaxy Nexus), other smart phones like Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy S2, Motorola Droid Bionic and other phones too have joined the race for getting this OS installed in their products. So, the different features of Android 4.0 features are:

1. Lock screen features – From slide lock screen you now will have the ability to jump to camera and take a picture. You will also be able to use the slide lock screen to pull down the notifications from the windows to check for the messages. While listening to the music, you will have the opportunity to manage and see the album art.

2. Re-sizeable widgets – This OS offers you the option to resize the widgets as per your needs and liking. In general, the home screens in case of Android 4.0 have been designed to make it content rich and also customizable.

3. Control over network data – In general, cell phones makes use of extensive network data in order to perform functions like streaming content, downloading different applications, synchronizing data and much more. So, in order to better the opportunities, Android 4.0 has made additions of controls for better management of the network data usage.

4. Face unlock system – This new OS also has the face unlock system. This is one new feature that is screen-lock option that provides you the unique option to unlock your cell with your face. This is possible because of the front facing camera present in most of the cell phones now. This is related with the state-of-the-art facial recognition technology that registers a face during the setup of the phone and then recognizes it again while unlocking the phone.

Other than this there is also the option of voice typing and the camera application has been improved too. In addition, the contacts too have been improved through the people application which has integrated contact details along with the social networks in a new interface.

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