How to lock iPhone screen during call

During calling, you can lock your iPhone with CallLock. CallLock is a cydia tweak that locks iPhone screen when you are in call with someone. It prevents you from accidentally pressing any key on your iPhone. Accidentally pressing phone buttons can lead to hold, end a call by mistake. This tweak is especially useful for people having Proximity Sensor in their iPhone 4 as faulty.

It can be enabled by proximity sensor, manually or automatically. By default, it’s enabled in manual mode. To enable it automatically or proximity, got to Settings app and turn ON Manual / Auto / Proximity Lock. No new icons would be added to your iPhone’s home screen when you enable any lock.

Call Lock

The app proves much useful for the persons while they are on some special calls, such as imagine that you are talking to your office boss and you do not want the call to end, either by mistake or knowingly. You will not disconnect the call of your boss deliberately but if it happens by chance, then you cannot do anything. So, in order to avoid such things, you can use this CallLock.

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Proximity Mode:
The moment you bring iPhone near your ear, CallLock will lock iPhone’s screen.

Automatic Mode:
When there’s a call, CallLock will automatically lock your screen. So, the processing will be taken care by the app itself and you need not to worry of anything.

Manual Mode:
CallLock will lock the screen instead of normal end call functionality of Power button.

You can use any of the above modes on your iPhone. Automatic and Proximity modes can be considered as best as in these modes, no manual intervention is required from your side. Out of these 2, I’ll prefer Automatic one. But, Proximity is also best.

CallLock requires iOS 4.0+.

Download CallLock from BigBoss repo.

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