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Speed Commander is a file manager that is built on the 2-window technology. It offers some exclusive features. With it, you can copy, move, and delete the files using mouse or keyboard. You can also sort the files. The sorting can be done with either mouse or keyboard.

All the folders and files are displayed with the same 2-window technology on which the tool is built. Therefore, you can always see the destination and source files.

Besides the normal copying operations, the tool provides you the advanced ways for doing the same. It has Quick View with which you can see many files content. It doesn’t matter whether the file is any video or photo or simple text file, you can simply see the content with this Quick View.

Besides Quick-View, the tool has File-Search that enables searching of files and File-Sync that helps in synchronizing the folders.

The Speed-Commander further helps in compressing of the files as it treats them like ordinary folders. It can help in compressing and decompressing various files and its Recovery data also helps in protecting the corrupted archives.

The software tool’s interface is so rich that you can add the extra plugins, if you want. It has an Add-In that can help in adding the extra features in the toolbar or the menu. The Add-In can also access the content.

The Speed Commander has macros support and you can enhance the simple tasks by using these macros. The errors can be further examined by any debugger such as Visual Studio.

It has extended FTP functions as well.

Speed Commander 11

Features of Speed Commander

* Archive Support.

* Add-In Interface.

* Macros Simple tasks can be automated with Macros.

* Enhanced FTP functions: It supports various FTP types as SSL encrypted FTP and FTP via SSH (SFTP).

* It is also available as Native 64-bit Version for Windows x64.

One License of Speed Commander will cost you €39.95, which you can get now free.

Supported OS

Windows Server 2003/2003 R2 / 2008 / 2008 R2 / XP / Vista / 7.

Download SpeedCommander 11 Full Version.

Just download and install. License key is already embedded in this exe. This file manager will automatically be activated when you install the setup.

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