How to quit all running apps from iPhone

You are on your iPhone and suddenly due to some circumstances or so, you want to stop all the apps running on the set. There are 2 ways now by which you can kill all the apps: Either you can manually kill each of the processes or what if you have one utility and killing it kills all other processes. I think the latter would have been the best. But the question comes as how to do this. We are going here to explain the same.

There’s a utility or app by the name AppQuit Activator Actions that helps you in achieving this task. It helps to quit all the running apps from iPhone at one go. But please make sue that your iPhone must be jailbroken for this as it works only for jail broken iOS iPhones. If your iOS device is not jailbroken, you can do this either by RedSn0w or PwnageTool.

AppQuit Activator Actions

How to quit all running apps from iPhone

1. Grab the Activator Utility from BigBoss repository.

2. Install App Quit Activator Actions from Cydia via Big Boss Repo. Please note that no new icon would be added to your Springboard after installation.

3. Go to Settings –> Activator. See image below.

Requirements of AppQuit Activator Actions
1. Activator Utility.

2. iOS 3.x or higher

Download App Quit Activator Actions


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