Download Div X Plus 8 Pro free

DivX is a dvd software that allows the users enjoy videos on their devices. It is developed and marketed by Rovi Corporation. The company creates and distributes the Digital technologies that can run on computer, mobiles and tvs.

The company has till now shipped around 400 million such devices into the market from the branded electronics manufacturers.

The company also provides the video-content, if anybody wills to buy.

It has partnered with some of the electronics-makers and is selling their products on its website. In this way, they are making money also with this collaboration and making their software also popular in everyone’s eyes.

For this software to work well, you can also download the drivers from their website.

Newegg is currently giving DivX Plus 8 Pro for free. The original price of DivX Pro is $20, which you can grab free from here.

Features of DivX
1. Div X Pro comes with various features such as DivX Plus Player, DivX Plus Codec, DivX Web Player and DivX Plus Converter.

2. It supports advanced DVD features like alternate audio track and subtitles, scene selection menu.

3. It can play .avi, .mp4, .mov, .DivX, .mkv formats.

4. DivX converter creates video file format up to 920×1080 HD qualities.

5. Div X Plus gives high quality video viewing.
Download DivX Plus 8 Pro free

How to Download Div X Plus Pro 8 free
1. Go to Promotional Page
2. Click Download Now.

This offer expires on 11/4/2011 at 11:59pm PDT.

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