Sync Your ITunes Library To Your Android Phone

Many users who switched to Android from an IPhone or simply used an IPod miss the easy media organization of iTunes. ITunes is considered by many to be the gold standard when it comes to media software, but Apple’s commitment to keeping it a closed platform that only supports it’s own devices means that other devices aren’t able to utilize ITunes.  There is now a work around that allows you to use iTunes to manage your media content and still sync it to a non-Apple device. Here is a step-by-step guide that works for both windows and mac.

1. Start up ITunes and organize your playlists as you would before syncing an IPod.

2. Download a Program called “Double Twist” from their website.

3. Windows users follow the steps after running the .exe and in one of the last few steps make sure “Import ITunes Library” is checked. Mac users drag the .dmg into your application folder and then run the application. The first time the app is run a dialog box with a few options will pop-up, be sure that “import ITunes library.” Is checked.

4. Look around Double Twist, it should now mirror your iTunes library completely.

5. While double twist is running, connect your phone to your computer.

6. On your phone once the cable is connected turn USB storage on.

7. Double Twist should recognize your device and it’ll appear in the left pane.

8. Click the device in the left pane and select what you’d like to sync to the device. The interface is exactly the same as the one in ITunes.

9. Wait for the progress bar to fill then disconnect your phone and open your media player. Your ITunes library should now be synced to your Android device.

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