How To Jailbreak Your PS3

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Jailbreaking your ps3 is an easy task if you have firmware 3.56 or below. You know that 3.60 and 3.62 firmwares made by sony are tough to jailbreak. But i am sure that someone out there has dualbooted CFW and jailbroken OFW. They are not releasing it because of the recent fight with geohot made them to think twice about releasing.

NOTE  : If u have 3.56 version then downgrade it to 3.55 and then follow the steps below :


Download the following file from the link  ( )

Install the official PUP file (3.55) from sony by the following steps

1. switch on your ps3

2. Go to settings

3. software update

4. Update from USB mass storage

6. Start updating

NOTE : Do not switch off your ps3 console when the update is in progress

Now install the kmeaw 3.55 using the steps listed above

Now install the latest backup managers

I recommend
1. Multiman
2. Rogero manager

This will be enough to play all the games whichever you are downloading

Be sure to download 3.55 or below supported games ..3.60 or above games does not support.

You can download games from and no premium membership of file hosting required. U can download at high speeds using premium link generators.

Best of luck guys. Wish you a happy and safe jailbreaking



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