Track your lost iPhone with iLostMyi app

How to track lost iphone
Tethered jailbreak Lost iPhone can be tracked by installing an app iLostMyi.
iLostMyi App can be downloaded from BigBoss Cydia App repository. It requires iOS4+.

How to Install:
1. Open iLostMyi App.
2. Go to Settings as shown in image below.
3. Enter the message that you want to send on SIM change.

Someone has changed the SIM card. My iPhone might be in thief’s hands. Please note the location of phone and let me know.

4. In the next text-box, enter some keywords, without any space.
5. Fill 2 Safe Numbers, on which you like to receive this SMS.
6. Fill up the Legit SIM.
7. Reboot your device.
Track Lost iPhone

How It Works
When thief changes the SIM of your lost iPhone, following activities happen:
1. A hidden SMS is sent to some predefined numbers. The SMS would contain the new number, IMSI and ICCID of new sim.
2. If your phone’s GPS is switched off, it would be activated.
3. The location of the phone would be sms’d to the numbers already defined.

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