Apple launches Mac App Store with thousands of apps

Apple has officially opened its Mac App store. The store contains more than thousands of apps, out of which some are free and others are paid.

What is Mac App Store?
Apple’s Mac App Store is the desktop version of iOS app store, means it would be providing the same experience that iOS users are enjoying.

How to purchase apps
1. Click on an app
2. Enter your iTunes password.
3. Download and install the app.
Apple Mac App Store

This store is available for Snow Leopard users, available in 90 countries. Apps are categorized into Education, Games, Graphics and Design, Utilities, LifeStyle and Productivity.

How to access the app store
The store can be accessed by either of the 2 ways:
1. Either you need to download Mac OS X update v10.6.6
2. Or, Visit

If you are a developer and want to create apps, you can visit
Developers can earn 70% of their app sales price.

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